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Recent Articles

Case Report
An Unusual Presentation of Apoplexy in Nelson's Syndrome: Case Report

Yacine Felissi*, Toufik Bennafaa, Chafik Handis, Salim Meziani, Adel Khelifa, Walid Bennabi and Abdelhalim Morsli | 2:2 (Pages 47-51)

SVOA Neurology, Mar 05, 2021
Case Report
Microcystic Lymphatic Malformation of Tongue-A Case Report

Nishath Khanum, MDS*, Smitha JD, MDS and Santosh Kanwar, MDS | 2:2 (Pages 67-70)

SVOA Dentistry, Mar 04, 2021
Mini Review
Complications in Dental Implants: A Mini Review

Sandeep Singh | 2:2 (Pages 60-66)

SVOA Dentistry, Mar 01, 2021
Case Report
Limbic Encephalitis Presenting with Faciobrachial Dystonic Seizures After History of Successfully Treated Thymoma Type B-3 with Excellent Neurocognitive Outcome with Early Immunotherapy

Usaamah M. Khan MD*, Matthew Anderson MD and Victor H. Gonzalez Montoya | 2:2 (Pages 47-50)

SVOA Neurology, Mar 01, 2021
Short Communication
Digitisation of Neurology

Partha S Ray | 2:1 (Pages 41-43)

SVOA Neurology, Feb 28, 2021
Examining the Mechanical and Metallurgical Properties of Single Pass Friction Stir Welded Dissimilar Aluminium Alloys Tee Joints

Dhanesh G Mohan*, S Gopi and A Sasikumar | 3:1 (Pages 06-12)

SVOA Materials Science & Technology, Feb 28, 2021
Case Report
Claude's Syndrome associated with Neurosyphilis: Case Report

Carlos Andres Clavijo Prado, Alejandra Gantiva Quintero, Laura Vanessa Gil Aguilar, Carlos Alberto Guzman Serrano, Luisa Camila Zapata Montealegre and Alejandra Chauvez Gallego | 2:1 (Pages 37-40)

SVOA Neurology, Feb 17, 2021
Mini Review
Different uses of Myofuntional Orthodontics in Permanent Dentition

Lomanto Maria Laura | 2:2 (Pages 56-59)

SVOA Dentistry, Feb 16, 2021
Mini Review
Host Modulation Therapy: A Mini Review

Akila Shree Kanagaraj and Vivek Manish Kumar Patel | 2:2 (Pages 48-55)

SVOA Dentistry, Feb 16, 2021
Moderate Intensity Exercise in Pre-manifest Huntington's Disease: Results of a 6 months Trial

Amro Saad Aldine, MD, Amy Ogilvie, BS, John Wemmie, MD, PhD, James Kent, PhD, Jordan Schultz, PharmD, Jeffrey D. Long, PhD, John Kamholz, MD, PhD, Hassan Sajjad, MD, Joel Kline, MD, Emily Shaw, BA, Michelle Voss, PhD, Jane S. Paulsen, PhD and Vincent A. M

SVOA Neurology, Feb 03, 2021