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ScienceVolks is permanently committed to maintain the journals under open access publishing policy for free and unrestricted access of scientific knowledge. We provide long-term preservation of peer-reviewed articles and research data to encourage innovation, research, and development, to flow the knowledge around the globe. Open Access policy is a strong tool in the field of publication, and we make sure to use it in support of researchers, academicians, and clinicians in featuring their materials in a potential way.


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Recent Articles

Case Report
Immediate Implant Placement and Double Layer Socket Preservation Associated with Mix of Xenograft and Particulate Autogenous Bone Graft: A Case Report

Gabriel Marques Bezerra, Bruno Santana Freitas, Lucas Alves Ferreira, Sergio Charifker Ribeiro Martins, Jose Ricardo Mariano and Leandro Lecio de Lima Sousa* | 2:4 (Pages 131-138)

SVOA Dentistry, May 08, 2021
Case Report
Primordial Odontogenic Tumor: Report of a Case with 10 Years Follow-Up

Hector Godoy*, Peter A. Reichart, Hans Peter Philipsen and Facundo Godoy | 2:4 (Pages 126-130)

SVOA Dentistry, May 06, 2021
Effect of Addition of Titanium Oxide and Zirconium Oxide Nanoparticles on the Surface Roughness of Heat Cured Denture Base Resins: An In-Vitro study

Abhinab Roy Chowdhury, Pragati Kaurani*, Narendra Padiyar U, Sudhir Meena, Hemant Sharma and Ajay Gupta | 3:3 (Pages 36-44)

SVOA Materials Science & Technology, May 06, 2021
Case Report
Unilateral Cleft Palate Rehabilitated with Zygomatic Implants-Case Report

Fernando Duarte*, Carina Ramos and Joao Neves Silva | 2:4 (Pages 119-125)

SVOA Dentistry, May 05, 2021
Mini Review
Stability in Orthodontics and their Relation with Myofunctional Orthodontics and Vitamin C

Maria Laura Lomanto | 2:3 (Pages 115-118)

SVOA Dentistry, Apr 27, 2021
Mini Review
Ultrastructural Changes in Nucleus : Current Prospects

Kaajal Gill and Simarpreet Virk Sandhu | 2:1 (Pages 07-18)

SVOA Microbiology, Apr 29, 2021
Case Report
Gingivoplasty and Botulinum Toxin Application to Improve Gummy Smile: Case Report

Flavia Cristina Gomes Souza, Stefani Resende da Silva, Antonio Lucio Sant Ana Neto, Caleb Shitsuka and Irineu Gregnanin Pedron | 2:3 (Pages 109-114)

SVOA Dentistry, Apr 19, 2021
Determination of the Inhibitory Effects of Commercially Available Homeopathic Drugs on Pathogenic Bacterial Growth

Md. Istiak Kabir, Asif Ikram, Md. Bahadur Sikder, Md. Hafizul Haq Tushar and Saurab Kishore Munshi* | 2:1 (Pages 01-06)

SVOA Microbiology, Apr 16, 2021
Case Report
Reconstruction of Bone Defect with Dental-Gingival Prosthesis over Implants: A Case Report

Ricardo Gapski, D.D.S., M.S., PhD* | 2:3 (Pages 103-108)

SVOA Dentistry, Apr 06, 2021
Case Report
A Rare Case of Soft Tissue Sarcoma of Gingiva

Varsha S Jadhav*, Avinash S Jadhav and Swati | 2:3 (Pages 99-102)

SVOA Dentistry, Apr 05, 2021