To transform the landscape of academic publishing through a steadfast commitment to open access principles. We believe in a world where knowledge knows no boundaries and where research is freely accessible to all, fostering global collaboration and accelerating scientific progress.


Open Access

Open access refers to the free, immediate, and online availability of research articles without any subscription or payment barriers. This means that anyone, anywhere in the world, can read, download, and share published articles, enabling a broader dissemination of research findings and facilitating collaboration among researchers and practitioners worldwide.

Why Open Access Matters:

Accessibility: Open access breaks down barriers to knowledge by allowing researchers, healthcare professionals, students, and the general public to access the latest medical research, regardless of their geographical location or financial resources.

Impact: Open access publications tend to receive more citations and have a greater societal impact, as they are freely accessible to researchers, policymakers, and the public, leading to increased visibility and recognition for authors.

Collaboration: Open access encourages collaboration among researchers and institutions, promoting a culture of knowledge sharing and interdisciplinary collaboration to address complex medical challenges.

Global Reach: By removing subscription barriers, open access enables research to reach a wider global audience, facilitating cross-cultural learning and understanding.

Our Open Access Policy:

As an open access publisher, we are dedicated to upholding the principles of openness, transparency, and academic integrity. All articles published in our journals are freely accessible to readers, ensuring that the valuable research contributions of our authors can be readily disseminated and utilized by the global community.


Benefits of publishing with us

  • Networking and collaboration opportunities
  • Wide readership and visibility
  • Promotion and marketing
  • Reputation and credibility
  • Long-term archiving and preservation
  • Professional editorial support
  • Quality assurance and rigorous peer review

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