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ScienceVolks is permanently committed to maintain the journals under open access publishing policy for free and unrestricted access of scientific knowledge. We provide long-term preservation of peer-reviewed articles and research data to encourage innovation, research, and development, to flow the knowledge around the globe. Open Access policy is a strong tool in the field of publication, and we make sure to use it in support of researchers, academicians, and clinicians in featuring their materials in a potential way.


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Recent Articles

A Novel Modified Technique for Sub Mental Intubation in Panfacial Trauma

Shresth Sharma, Ajay Pillai, Neha Jain*, Abhinav Dubey, Pushpraj Singh Thakur and Neha Gour | 2:5 (Pages 208-215)

SVOA Dentistry, Aug 02, 2021
Case Report
Bacterial Brain Abscess in a Patient with Granulomatous Amebic Encephalitis. A Misdiagnosis or Free-Living Amoeba Acting as Trojan Horse?

Rolando Lovaton* and Wesley Alaba | 2:4 (Pages 117-124)

SVOA Neurology, Jul 24, 2021
Sleep Disorders in Uruguay during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Orellana Cecilia, M.D*, Leal Marcela M.D, Varela Alicia MSc and Deambrosi Lucia | 2:4 (Pages 109-116)

SVOA Neurology, Jul 20, 2021
Case Report
Peripheral Ossifying Fibroma Removed by CO2 Laser: Case Report

Mileide Pereira Mendonca, Rabbith Ive Shitsuka Risemberg, Thalya Horsth Maltarollo, Caleb Shitsuka and Irineu Gregnanin Pedron* | 2:5 (Pages 203-207)

SVOA Dentistry, Jul 12, 2021
Case Report
Cervical Fracture C7-T1 in a Young Patient with Multiple Myeloma: Report of a Case

Juan Carlos Morales Rojas, Bianchy Gonzalez Perez*, Jorge Luis Maquintoche Galves, Mikail Salle, Alejandro Mendez Freyre and Marilis Selles Almarales | 2:4 (Pages 102-108)

SVOA Neurology, Jul 09, 2021
Correlation between Severity of Preoperative Cervical Disc Degeneration and Postoperative Improvement in Health-Related Quality-of-Life Outcomes

Jose A Canseco, MD, PhD, Brian A Karamian, MD*, Parthik D Patel, MD, Srikanth N Divi, MD, Giovanni Grasso, MD, PhD, Michael Markowitz, DO, Joseph K Lee, MD, Mark F Kurd, MD, D Greg Anderson, MD, Jeffrey A Rihn, MD, Alan S Hilibrand, MD, Christopher K Kepler, MD, MBA, Alexander R Vaccaro, MD, PhD, MBA and Gregory D Schroeder, MD | 1:1 (Pages 01-09)

SVOA Orthopaedics, Jul 09, 2021
Applications of Botulinum Toxin in Dentistry: Considerations about Indications and Contraindications

Fernanda Fulador Mendonca, Thallys Cristian Fernandes da Silva, Rabbith Ive Shitsuka Risemberg, Caleb Shitsuka and Irineu Gregnanin Pedron* | 2:5 (Pages 197-202)

SVOA Dentistry, Jul 06, 2021
Letter To Editor
Covid-19 Associated Impact on the Blood-Brain Barrier Integrity and Function

Manik Mathur*, Rupjyoti Das and Nomal Chand Borah | 2:4 (Pages 100-101)

SVOA Neurology, Jul 02, 2021
Case Report
Masseteric Cysticercosis: A Rarefied Presentation in Maxillofacial Region

Neha Jain*, Ajay Pillai, Pushpraj Singh Thakur, Swati Saawarn and Hina Handa | 2:5 (Pages 192-196)

SVOA Dentistry, Jul 02, 2021
Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) Gel as Efficient Vehicle for Local Drug Delivery in Minor Oral Surgical Defects

Ajay K Pillai* , Shaji Thomas, Shashank Seth, Neha Jain, Anant Chobey | 2:5 (Pages 185-191)

SVOA Dentistry, Jul 02, 2021