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ScienceVolks is permanently committed to maintain the journals under open access publishing policy for free and unrestricted access of scientific knowledge. We provide long-term preservation of peer-reviewed articles and research data to encourage innovation, research, and development, to flow the knowledge around the globe. Open Access policy is a strong tool in the field of publication, and we make sure to use it in support of researchers, academicians, and clinicians in featuring their materials in a potential way.


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Recent Articles

HyFlex Instrument: Literature Review

Lima Monica* and Souza Leticia Chaves de | 3:1 (Pages 56-59)

SVOA Dentistry, Jan 21, 2022
Summary of Parenting Resource Recommendations for Children's Media Use

Mari M. Grief, MD, Mari A. Ueno, MD and Loren G. Yamamoto, MD, MPH, MBA* | 1:1 (Pages 01-09)

SVOA Paediatrics, Jan 18, 2022
Mini Review
Sarcopenia in Chronic Kidney Disease and the Effectiveness of Physical Activity

Shirllane Rodrigues Barros de Azevedo*, Juliana da Costa Matos and Bruno Bellaguarda Batista | 2:1 (Pages 05-10)

SVOA Orthopaedics, Jan 17, 2022
Effect of 4 Sessions of Low-Level LASER Therapy on Pain in Acute and Chronic Ankle and Foot Conditions

Supriya Kondal*, Milind Gajewar and Syed Asif Basha | 2:1 (Pages 01-04)

SVOA Orthopaedics, Jan 13, 2022
Case Report
Pilocytic Astrocytoma Mimicking Neurocysticercosis: Atypical Presentation

Claudio J. Turco*, Gonzalo V. Pedrosa Carbel, Belia R. Altamirano Brasca, Agustin Maccio, Franco G. Cuevas and Diego M. Weigandt | 3:1 (Pages 06-10)

SVOA Neurology, Jan 11, 2022
Case Report
Meningiomatosis with Meningioma: A Case Report

Nitishri Sinha, MD* , Olexsandr Yartym, MD, Emmanuel Uzoma Okoro, MD, Taras Havryliv, MD, FEBNS, Ingmar Blümcke, MD and Volodymyr Smolanka, MD, PhD | 3:1 (Pages 01-05)

SVOA Neurology, Jan 05, 2022
Short Communication
Zadake's Controlled Etchant Placer

Sujit Zadake*, Jyotsna Chate, Shilpa Kendre, Suresh Kangane and Yatishkumar Joshi | 3:1 (Pages 52-55)

SVOA Dentistry, Jan 04, 2022
A Review on Cone Beam Computed Tomography in Orthodontics

Ramdhan Meena*, Radha Chauhan and Karan Bharvada | 3:1 (Pages 47-51)

SVOA Dentistry, Dec 29, 2021
Etiology, Diagnosis, Treatment Planning, and Role of Orthodontists in Adult OSA: A Review Article

Sakshi Joshi*, Malika Sehgal, Trupti Rathi and Falaknaz Khan | 3:1 (Pages 33-37)

SVOA Dentistry, Dec 29, 2021