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Recent Articles

Case Report
Traumatic Cervical Anterior Spondyloptosis: Literature Review and Case Report

Emmanuel Uzoma Okoro M.D*,Taras Stepanovich Havryliv M.D, Andriy Volodymrovich Smolanka M.D, PhD and Volodymir Ivanovich Smolanka M.D, PhD

SVOA Neurology, Jun 19, 2021
Case Report
Multiple Brain Hematomas Possibly Associated to High Homocysteine Levels

Manik Mathur*, Rupjyoti Das and Nomal Chand Borah | 2:3 (Pages 80-83)

SVOA Neurology, Jun 11, 2021
Case Report
Use of Polypropylene Membrane after Exodontia for Maintaining Bone Thickness: Case Report

Natalia de Moura Vieira Barros, Munir Salomao, Caleb Shitsuka and Irineu Gregnanin Pedron* | 2:4 (Pages 161-167)

SVOA Dentistry, Jun 09, 2021
Case Report
Minimal Invasion and Greater Predictability in Extraction using Bioextractor Followed by Immediate Implantation

Cibelle Correia Cavalcante Lacerda, Anna Carolina Gouveia Silva, Gabriel Marques Bezerra, Felipe Andres Ortiz Poblete, Sergio Charifker Ribeiro Martins and Leandro Lecio de Lima Sousa* | 2:4 (Pages 153-160)

SVOA Dentistry, Jun 09, 2021
Case Report
Headache, Encephalopathy and Covid-19: Insight to the Physiology of the Neurological Involvement

Lorna Galleguillos* and Marianella Hernandez | 2:3 (Pages 77-79)

SVOA Neurology, Jun 02, 2021
Case Report
Clinical and Radiological Presentation of Giant Supra and Infratentorial Dermoid Cyst with Left Trigeminal Neuralgia: A Case Report and Literature Review

Garcia Lopez Isai* and Romano Albornoz Monica | 2:3 (Pages 72-76)

SVOA Neurology, May 28, 2021
A Prospective Cohort Study Investigating the Effects of the Combined Scarf and Akin Osteotomy, With or Without 2/3 Digital Correction, on Pain and Quality of Life 6 Months Post-Surgery

Irvine Nake, Tosin Adekunle, Tony Wilkinson, Francis Babi, Andrea Coda and Derek Santos* | 2:3 (Pages 60-71)

SVOA Neurology, May 27, 2021
Case Report
Amalgam Tattoo in Atypical Edentulous Localization: Case Report

Andressa da Silva Santos, Felipe Paes Varoli, Joao Marcelo Ferreira de Medeiros, Caleb Shitsuka and Irineu Gregnanin Pedron* | 2:4 (Pages 148-152)

SVOA Dentistry, May 26, 2021
PANDAS Disease, a Well Understood Disorder with a big Misdiagnosis Problem

Melchor Rodrigo* | 2:3 (Pages 58-59)

SVOA Neurology, May 21, 2021
Bone-Anchored Maxillary Expansion: A Contemporary Evidence Based Review

Nisarg Yagnik* and Karishma Parikh | 2:4 (Pages 143-147)

SVOA Dentistry, May 17, 2021