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ScienceVolks is permanently committed to maintain the journals under open access publishing policy for free and unrestricted access of scientific knowledge. We provide long-term preservation of peer-reviewed articles and research data to encourage innovation, research, and development, to flow the knowledge around the globe. Open Access policy is a strong tool in the field of publication, and we make sure to use it in support of researchers, academicians, and clinicians in featuring their materials in a potential way.


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Recent Articles

Hybrid Posterior Instrumentation and Mini-Open Anterior Release for Treatment of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: A Retrospective Analysis

Charanjit Singh Dhillon* Nilay Chhasatia, Rishi Dwivedi and Vijay Loya | 1:1 (Pages 15-23)

SVOA Orthopaedics, Sep 23, 2021
Case Report
Mucormycosis Involving Maxillary Sinus: A Case Report

Amit Kumar*, Pranav Nakra and Saurabhachandra Pawar | 2:6 (Pages 263-266)

SVOA Dentistry, Sep 23, 2021
Case Report
Corynebacterium spp. Pneumonia in ICU, A Case Series

Goncalo Guerreiro*, Luis Morais, Vasco Costa, Rui Cunha, Cristina Toscano, Elsa Goncalves, Luis Coelho and Pedro Povoa | 2:2 (Pages 26-31)

SVOA Microbiology, Sep 22, 2021
Case Report
Verrucous Carcinoma in the Upper Alveolar Ridge: Case Report with 18-years Follow-up

Fabio Mendes Sipan Dias Pinto, Daniel Nuciatelli Pinto de Mello, Estevam Rubens Utumi, Jose Eduardo Bacci and Irineu Gregnanin Pedron* | 2:6 (Pages 258-262)

SVOA Dentistry, Sep 20, 2021
Tarlov cyst. Theme update

Mikail Salle MD*, Yurledys Jhohana Linares Benavides MD, Francisco Felix Goyenechea Gutierrez MD, PhD, Thania Cristina Torres Santana MD, Yasmany Fornaris Cedeno MD and Bianchy Gonzalez Perez MD | 2:5 (Pages 158-161)

SVOA Neurology, Sep 20, 2021
Mini Review
COVID-19 and Periodontal Disease: The Potential Role of Interluekin-6

Nazanin Samiei, Hadi Kaseb Ghane and Yasser Khaled* | 2:6 (Pages 254-257)

SVOA Dentistry, Sep 17, 2021
Case Report
Post-SARS-CoV-2-Vaccine Autoimmune Encephalitis: A Case Report

Luis Rafael Solis Tarazona*, Carmen Maria Sanchis Llopis, Rafael Francisco Galiano Blancart, Jose Manuel Ferrer Casanova and Lamberto Landete Pascual | 2:5 (Pages 155-157)

SVOA Neurology, Sep 17, 2021
Case Report
Oral Manifestations of Impetigo in a 7-years Child: Case Report

Beatriz Dias Braga, Thais Duarte de Castro, Daniel Nuciatelli Pinto de Mello, Caleb Shitsuka and Irineu Gregnanin Pedron* | 2:5 (Pages 250-253)

SVOA Dentistry, Sep 07, 2021