Reviewer Guidelines

The peer reviewers are responsible to read and evaluate a manuscript in their desired area of study, and then providing honest feedback to authors about their submission. ScienceVolks journals operates a single-blind peer review process.

It should relevant for the Reviewer to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the article, and ways to improve the quality of the work, and to evaluate originality of the manuscript.

Rules to follow:

  • If the manuscript doesn’t match your area of expertise, please notify the editor
  • All submissions are very confidential so please do not discuss or share any aspect of the submissions with anyone.
  • If you suspect that an article is a copy of another work, please let the editor know, with the exact details.
  • Please complete the Reviewer form by the due date. Your comments regarding an article will be strongly considered to make the final decision.



Reviewers’ recommendation should be as follows:

• Accept / Reject

• Requires minor corrections / moderate revision

• Requires major revision

• If not suitable for the journal reject it or submit to another publication (suggest a journal)