Article Publication Charges (APC)


ScienceVolks charge open access fees to cover the costs involved in the publication process and to sustain the business model of providing free access to articles. Here are the reasons behind charging open access fees:


Production and dissemination costs: Publishing an article involves various expenses, including editorial services, peer review management, copyediting, typesetting, formatting, digital hosting, and long-term preservation. Open access fees help cover these production costs to ensure the quality and integrity of the published work.

Access infrastructure: ScienceVolks invest in building and maintaining the technical infrastructure required to host, distribute, and provide seamless access to research articles. This includes maintaining servers, website development, metadata creation, search functionality, and ensuring the articles are discoverable and accessible to readers worldwide.

Peer review process: Peer review is a crucial part of the publication process, ensuring the quality and credibility of scholarly work. We organize and manage the peer review process, which involves coordinating reviewers, handling feedback and revisions, and making editorial decisions. Open access fees contribute to the cost of managing and facilitating this rigorous review process.

Editorial services: We employ editorial staff who handle manuscript submissions, correspondence with authors, and oversee the publication workflow. They ensure that articles meet the journal's standards, adhere to formatting guidelines, and address any issues before final publication. The fees collected help support these editorial services.

Marketing and promotion: ScienceVolks invest in marketing and promoting open access articles to maximize their visibility and impact. This includes activities like search engine optimization (SEO), social media campaigns, email alerts and promoting articles through academic networks and databases. Open access fees contribute to these efforts, increasing the chances of articles being discovered and read by a wider audience.

Sustainability and financial viability: We need to generate revenue to sustain our operations and invest in technological advancements, innovation, and ongoing developments in scholarly communication. Open access fees serve to support the financial viability of publishers, ensuring our ability to provide continued open access services.


ScienceVolks APC Structure

Research and Reviews: 750 GBP

Case Report, Case Series, Case Study, Technical Paper, Mini-review, Short Communication: 550 GBP

Perspective, Commentary, Opinion, Clinical Image, Conceptual Paper, Letter to the Editor and Editorial: 350 GBP

(All the fees are Inclusive of taxes*)


Accepted Currencies and Payment Methods

We accept payments in major currencies like GBP, USD and EUR etc. The payment methods can be via PayPal, Credit/Debit card and Bank Transfer.

Waiver Policy

It's important to note that open access fees can vary depending on the article type. ScienceVolks offer fee discounts for authors from low-income countries or researchers with limited funding. Authors should explore different options and funding opportunities to cover open access fees, ensuring their research can be openly accessible to all. For further enquires please contact us at