About Us

ScienceVolks Open Access is a London based academic peer-reviewed publisher built with a motto to fulfil the needs of researchers, teachers, students, and other professionals. We have a broad vision in the aspects of scientific knowledge and thereby we review and process publications in health sciences, life sciences, physical sciences, engineering etc. We follow international standards in publishing activities, and we open door for reception of informative data for publication from any part of globe thus justifying our international open access publication model.

ScienceVolks upholds its commitment to a viable publication academical model that provides top-notch journals reporting basic, clinical and advanced research in a wider range of disciplines by following the premier standards for ethics in publishing and research. ScienceVolks doesn’t want to limit the boundaries of scientific knowledge so, we will expand our publication scope by adding more journals.

More than a publisher, ScienceVolks is always in first line to collaborate effectively with Educational Institutions, Hospitals and Research centers in an efficient way of extended capabilities that include publications, conferences, and newsletters.

ScienceVolks follows double blinded peer review model to back up our objective of maximizing benefits to audience, readers, authors and editors by advocating the open and transparent interchange of ideas and findings among research community and public.

The Editorial board of ScienceVolks are renowned scientists/academicians. ScienceVolks chooses the board members in a controlled way for successful publishing and profound reviewing activities.

Finally, browse our journals, explore the content of our established work, and learn more about our extensive capabilities. ScienceVolks welcomes your feedback, and we are always committed to continuing to meet the needs of the members of academia around the globe.

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