Author Guidelines:


Authors are requested to ensure that the manuscript is technically as well as grammatically correct. A well-prepared manuscript will help us to speed up the peer review process within less time. Authors are requested to note that the submission of manuscript content has not been submitted or published before except as a brief abstract in the conference proceedings of a scientific meeting. All manuscripts should be written in good English.

All manuscripts should be submitted using the online submission portal or to the email displayed on respective journal page. The manuscript should be submitted in Microsoft word format only.


Submission Checklist:

1. Cover letter

2. Title page (maximum 85 characters)

3. Author names and Affiliations (full names with institutional affiliations)

4. Abstract (upto 300 words) and 3-9 important Keywords

5. Introduction

6. Main text; Headings

7. Results & Discussion

8. Conclusion

9. Conflict of Interest

10. Acknowledgement

11. References


> Title Page

Present an appropriate title suitable to the study design

> Author Information and Affiliation

Provide full names and institutional addresses of all the authors

> Abstract and KeyWords

The Abstract should not exceed 350 words. Please provide 3-6 important keywords representing the main content of the article.

> Introduction

The introduction should set the study in briefly context by reviewing relevant knowledge with a concise statement and objective of the study.

> Main Text/Headings

Provide appropriate headings with numbers for clear understanding

Tables should present new information rather than duplicating. Readers should understand the table without reference to the text. Please submit editable files.

> Equations

Please make sure that equations are editable for units and symbols use SI system.

> Figures

Figures should be high quality and our preferred file formats: EPS, PS, JPEG, or Microsoft Word (DOC or DOCX).

> Results and Discussions

Results should include the findings of the study with appropriate data shown either in the text or as tables and figures. Discussions section should discuss the implications of the findings in context of the study.

> Conclusion

Conclusions should clearly state the explanation and importance of the reported study.

> Conflict of Ineterst

Authors must declare any personal circumstances or interest of the reported study. If there is no conflict of interest, mention as "The authors declare no conflict of interest"

> Acknowledgement

Please acknowledge the contributors and make sure authors must obtain permission to acknowledge whose name is mentioned in the given section.

> References

References must be numbered in order of appearance in the text (including citations in tables and legends) and listed individually at the end of the manuscript. In the text, reference numbers should be placed in square brackets [ ].


  1. Author 1, Author 2, Author 3. Title of the article. Journal Name Year, Volume, page range.


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