Dr. Sergiu Fendrihan Born in the little city of Campina, Prahova country, Romania. He is the Faculty of Biology from Bucharest graduate in 1979. Finished First PhD in Plant Protection, in 2003 at Agricultural and Veterinary Medicine University Cluj Napoca), the second in medicine at Carol Davila Medicine and pharmacy University Bucharest in 2017. He worked in Pharmaceutical Industry 1979-1984, in research at Food Industry Institute, from 1990 in National Art Museum as expert in biodeterioration, from 1994 in Res Devlpm Institute of Plant Protection. Between 2003-2004 and 2005-2008, He run some projects at University of Salzburg, Austria involving extremophylic microorganisms and space research. He was back in Romania to his previous job, and from 2011, He is teaching Medical Microbiology at University Vasile Goldis from Arad as associated professor, part time job. He founded the association Romanian Bioresource Center. He published several Books and research papers in International reputed journals.


Medical Microbiology