Dr. Mohammed Zakaria Sedik is a professor in the Department of Agricultural Microbiology at Cairo University and Chairman of the previous department for 3 years during which the department was developed through the development of laboratory equipment's and work plan for scientific research and graduate studies in the department with the modernization and development of courses for both undergraduate and graduate studies. He also responsible for the standard of financial and material resources of the institution, which is one of the basic criteria in obtaining accreditation and quality. Also, He worked as an executive director of the Microbiology laboratories in my Faculty contributed to the acquisition of Microbiology laboratories to ISO certification. He also worked as a general coordinator for practical training and academic guidance for biotechnology students. He is teaching many courses both for undergraduate and postgraduate students. He also completed the supervision and discussion of many Thesis between the Master and Ph.D. Currently. He is still supervising 14 masters and doctoral Theses in their final stages. He published 75 scientific papers in international scientific journals with Impact factor.


His research interests are Microbiology, Agricultural and Microbial Ecology.