Mahmoud Sitohy is a Professor emeritus, Biochemistry Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Zagazig University, Egypt. He is the Director of TICO [Technology, Innovation and Commercialization Office]. Member of Agriculture and Food Council, ASRT, Ministry of scientific research. He finished PhD in (Biochemistry) at Zagazig University, Faculty of Agriculture during 1977-1983. He received several awards and prizes like State Award for Excellence in Agricultural sciences (2014). First prize for the best applied research in the field of dairy science and technology (granted by the Scientific Society for Food Industries and Unilever Mashreq) (2005). University Appreciation Award in Basic Sciences (presented by Zagazig University) (2010).


His research interest are Chemical modification of proteins for biological actions, Protein characterization of microbiological activity, Antiviral activity of native and modified natural products, Antimicrobial activities of natural compounds, Antifungal activity of natural and modified natural products, Microbial biofilms, Extracting bioactive compounds from microorganisms.