Ultrastructural Changes in Nucleus : Current Prospects

Background: Alterations in the architecture of cells and tissues and genetic instability are hallmarks of cancer. Electron microscopy has led to the visualization of the various components of the nucleus. Study of nucleus would illuminate mechanisms of malignancy and generate applications of value for clinical practice. Here in we discuss the current prospects of fulfilling this dream and identify barriers to further progress.

Summary: This review is an attempt to summarize the ultra-structural changes in components of nucleus in health and disease for future advances.

Key Message: The response of the nucleus to a particular insult, such as viral infection, may be unpredictable, leading to degeneration, lysis and cell death in one case and neoplastic transformation in another.

                             Keywords: Electron microscopy; malignancy; nuclear alterations; Ultra structural

Citation: Kaajal Gill and Simarpreet Virk Sandhu. “Ultrastructural Changes in Nucleus : Current Prospects ”. SVOA Microbiology 2:1 (2021) Pages 07-18.