Dr. Suzanna Adnan Diab Al Maali pursued her DDS degree from the University of Jordan in 2010, she pursued a double degree of Specialty in Orthodontics (American University of Beirut, 2014) and Masters in Epidemiology (AUB, 2014). By bridging clinical orthodontics with research and Biostatistics Dr. Suzanna developed an understanding and appreciation of the principles of Evidence based practice and the importance of research in guiding clinical practices. Dr. Suzanna had been involved in both worlds, independently working as a medical writer and biostatistician, and complementing with a clinical practice in orthodontics with special interest in prevention of impacted canines.


Dr. Suzanna Adnan's research interests include Preventive dentistry and orthodontics, prevention and management of impacted canines, Rapid maxillary expansion and other maxillary expansion techniques, mouth breathing and functional growth of the maxillofacial complex.