Dr. Salvatore Luca La Terra graduated in Dentistry at the University of Rome "La Sapienza" in 2002. After graduating he completed various Postgraduate Certificate Programs, in Oral Surgery (University of Chieti "G.D' Annunzio"-ITA-2004), in Posturology (Univ. Florence -ITA-2005), in Regenerative Surgery in Implantology (Univ. Florence-ITA- 2008) and in Oral Pathology (Univ. Florence-ITA-2009). In 2013 he attended the University of Paris "Descartes" (FR) for a Certificate of Advanced Training Course in Implantology and Pre-implant Oral Surgery. He is graduated in various University Master's Degree Programs, in Dental Prosthetics (Univ. Florence- ITA- 2014), in Oral Surgery and Emergency in Dentistry (Univ. Pisa-ITA-2015), in Dental Implantology (Univ. Rome "La Sapienza"-ITA-2016). In 2017 he became a Forensic Odontologist and Expert in Legal Dentistry by an additional master's degree (Univ. Rome "G. Marconi"). Also, he completed a Post Graduate Advanced Training Course in Oral Pathology and Special Needs (Univ. Bologna-ITA-2018) and in Computer Guided Oral Surgery and Digital Workflow in Implantology (Univ. Rome "La Cattolica"-ITA-2018). In 2019 he accomplished the European Certificate of Clinical Competence in Oral Surgery Laser Assisted at University of Paris "Diderot" (FR) and Milan "Bicocca" (ITA). He is currently Master of Science student in Clinical Periodontology at Ulster University- College of Medicine and Dentistry Birmingham (UK). He is referenced in the "Annuaire des Practiciens Formes aux Techniques Lasers Assistees"-INTI (FR) and member of various Scientific Associations such as German Ass. of Oral Implantology (DGI), Eur. Ass. of Osseointegration (EAO), and Ital. Ass. of Laser in Dentistry (SILO). He has experience as lecturer and tutor for training courses in the field of Laser and Implantology for various private institutes, as co-author in academic posters and cooperator in scientific papers. Salvatore Luca La Terra leads his dental practice in Italy and his clinical activity is in the field of Oral Surgery, Implantology, Oral Pathology, Laser in Dentistry and Periodontology.


Dr. Salvatore's research interests include Oral Surgery, Implantology, Oral Pathology, Laser in Dentistry, Periodontology.