Dr. Delia Carvalho graduated in dentistry at the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA), 1994. She is specialist in Health Management at the University of Sao Paulo (USP)-2020. Dr. Carvalho published chapter 32 in the book: "Primary Health Care in Brazil: Results, Advances and Challenges" at November 2020. (Publisher Inovar Brasil). Dr. Carvalho have 27 years of experience working in the public and private sector of dentistry. Dr. Carvalho was Director of Oral Health (2014-2016) and coordinator of the multiprofessional residency in public health (2015-2016) of public health teams in the Municipality of Jacobina and held couple of speeches in public health. Dr. Carvalho is studying Judicial Forensics course (February 2021) and starting master's degree in Radiology and Dental Imaging (April 2021).


Dr. Delia Carvalho's research interests include Dentistry, Oral Surgery, Dental Public Health and Dental expertise.